Project Management for Special Projects

I provide a nexus of leadership and guidance for your project with a calm, focused energy and a drive for results.

Project Manager

As a project manager, I foster teamwork, judgment, timeliness, and an orientation toward results. I help teams plan and implement as they translate strategy and goals into action.

I bring a wide range of approaches and techniques, acquired and developed over years of hands-on experience. With an eye on budget, I guide teams through decision-making as the project evolves.

I have worked with a wide range of organizations — from Fortune 500 companies to small, nonprofit arts organizations. Always raising the standard, I am proud to say that I elevate individual performance, integrate team strengths, and inspire leaders.


Samples of Completed Projects

Mural: write call-for-artists (including purpose and aesthetic vision, scope of work, application requirements, budget, artist obligations and responsibilities, and timeline), design and facilitate selection process, produce and manage correspondence, manage installation process, celebrate new artwork!

Process Manual: observe and assess process, convene stakeholders and facilitate assessment discussion, recommend and implement changes for efficiency and productivity, design and train staff on process documentation and data collection, lay out process in a click-by-click and step-by-step manual

Hiring Process (for administrative support staff): review or create job description, design search process (including timeline, selection committee, advertising and recruiting plan, screening criteria, interview format, all correspondence, and hand-off after hiring), document process for future reference, organize all hiring documents, celebrate new hire!

Executive Team Meeting Reboot: assess history and current executive team meetings, advise on new meeting format and structure, draft new meeting charter, facilitate discussion and consensus-building around new meeting charter, initiate new format, model facilitation and follow-through, transition team to self-sufficiency

Select New Software: design selection process and timeline, convene various stakeholders and facilitate selection process, finalize selection, celebrate new software!

Adopt New Software: design and initiate transition to new software (including data upload or migration), design training, implement training, design process for dealing with gaps in training and usage, lay out timeline for assessing need for further or new training in future, celebrate efficiencies!

Sort & Purge Network Files (for entire organization): assess history of usage of current network file systems, facilitate listening campaign for nice-to-haves and security concerns, work with IT to design new file structures and locations, design communications with all staff, lay out target timeline for stages of transition, obtain approvals, obtain buy-in from all department or team leads, convene department representatives to discuss issues for particular groups, train department reps on how to communicate prioritization, reassess timeline, field all roadblocks, create event around final phase of clean-out, announce end of project, celebrate cleaning house!




To lead teams through a smooth and successful project, on schedule and on budget


I value active collaboration, clear communication, effective approaches, and evident results